New South Wales Court of Appeal - Decisions of Interest Search - Area of law: Associations and Clubs


  1. 13/12/2013
    Associations and Clubs: discipline; rules of association; whether 1984 model rules applicable under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984 (NSW) were incorporated into constitution containing express rules on discipline; inconsistency with statute
    Young v New South Wales Radio Yachting Association Inc  [2013] NSWCA 430
  2. 03/12/2013
    Associations and Clubs: Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Qld); appellant members of management committee sought order requiring respondent incorporated association to produce documents; whether members of the management committees of incorporated associations owe the association a fiduciary duty or duty to take care; whether members of management committee had a legally enforceable right under association’s rules to inspect documents in order to fulfil these duties; Burn v London and South Wales Coal Co (1980) 7 TLR 118, Edman v Ross (1922) 22 SR (NSW) 351 considered; members of management committees of incorporated associations have a duty to perform their functions in the interests of the association and a right to inspect documents could therefore be implied; appeal allowed
    Queensland & Northern Territory Inc  [2013] QCA 358
  3. 24/07/2013
    Associations and Clubs: incorporated association; effect of a conclusive evidence provision in the association’s constitution; resolution at committee meeting regarding nominees for membership; whether primary judge erred as to resolution to approve candidates
    Rana v Survery  [2013] NSWCA 234
  4. 18/07/2013
    Associations and Clubs: Associations Incorporation Act 1984; unincorporated association trustee of property; whether trust extinguished on incorporation of the association
    Macedonian Orthodox Community Church St Petka Incorporated v Metropolitan Petar  [2013] NSWCA 223